Főtér the world of coffee and wine

Reservation +36 20 323 9199


+36 20 323 9199

Főtér is a coffee shop in the morning and a wine bar in the evening

But throughout the day it is a real meeting point of Pécs.

Where a cup of coffee or a glass of wine offer an opportunity for a good talk, they can provide some moments of peace on busy weekdays, they can help to relax after tense working hours. Where quality and standards don’t mean high-end and unaffordable, they only mean good and achievable for many. Where we strive for good, for quality, but we don’t lock ourselves in an ivory tower. We form together and we form each other. Főtér is part of our guests’ lives for a few minutes, for an hour, for an evening. You can always come back here, to be greeted like an acquaintance, to have a haunt.

What we need for this are: excellent coffee and professional baristas, unique wine offer and helpful sommeliers, exceptional ”pálinka” varieties, as well as pastries, sandwiches and wine bites. Although Főtér is not a restaurant, there will be savouries to the wine. Some say tapas, others call it gabli, it can be mezze – wine always needs a companion to achieve its completeness. It is worth to attune oneself to Főtér. Easy, dinamic, high-quality and achievable, Pannonian and Mediterranean at the same time – as it can only be experienced in Pécs.

  • Exquisite collection wine

    Exquisite collection wine

  • Premium and exotic coffee

    Premium and exotic coffee

  • Breakfast and Barfood

    Breakfast and Barfood

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    Other drinks and cocktails